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Smart Class Educational

Smart Classes use digital technology to enhance the learning process. The various audio and visual aids enhance the learning process and make it more fun. The possibilities are endless. 

Specialized software is designed and optimized to the needs of a specific class, unlike universal solutions. The digital infrastructure enhances the teacher to student and peer to peer communication because data streams are separated and structured.

Smart Classes can also educate the students about the potentials of using it. As a result, they will resort to more innovative ideas after school.

A key part of classes in the part were the lectures, this is not the case now. Interactive learning is proved to help students better. Projectors and computers are used to exchange information. Interactive touch screens help the students become immersed.


"GROW (Growth & Obesity Workforce), is proposed as a non governmental workforce aimed at improving the lives of children with growth disorders. The workforce would act as advocates of children with growth disorders to enhance awareness about these conditions with an aim of early identification and treatment. The workforce would be based in Kanpur with nation wide activities to increase awareness about growth disorders amongst physicians, schools and lay public. In association with Grew India organisation our school works for a healthy & balanced growth of our students."

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