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Smart Class (Edu Comp.)  Systems is the world's leading provider of learning solutions and products. Founded in 1991, TIS has built an enviable track record of designing solutions that enable organizational initiatives of a wide array of clients, ranging from leading educational institutions to Fortune 500 corporations.

Edu Comp's global presence echoes the global distribution of our clientele. Our team of 800+ high-performing, multi-disciplinary specialists creates 5000+ hours of learning content across 220+ concurrent projects every year.

Edu Comp's ability to design and deliver quality products consistently is complemented by the maturity of our business processes and systems. Through our properties Tata Interactive Learning Forum and Tata Interactive Learning Disabilities Forum, we have been advancing thought leadership on emerging trends in learning.

SSA provides an integrated system of studying. Every subject as per CCE pattern is covered through the class edge. Students are made to understand concepts through audio –visual aids and under 3D effects.


"GROW (Growth & Obesity Workforce), is proposed as a non governmental workforce aimed at improving the lives of children with growth disorders. The workforce would act as advocates of children with growth disorders to enhance awareness about these conditions with an aim of early identification and treatment. The workforce would be based in Kanpur with nation wide activities to increase awareness about growth disorders amongst physicians, schools and lay public. In association with Grew India organisation our school works for a healthy & balanced growth of our students."